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Huarong International Completes Payment of US$300 Million Bonds on Schedule

China Huarong Pays 25 Maturing Bonds In Full On Schedule Since 1 Apr


  On 20 May 2021, Huarong International completed the payment of the 363-day US$300 million bonds issued on 22 May 2020, the repayment of principal and interest of the bonds was fully transferred to the designated account.

  China Huarong has always conscientiously fulfilled its debt repayment obligations in a responsible manner. From 1 April to 20 May, China Huarong and its subsidiaries paid a total of 25 maturing domestic and overseas bonds on schedule, of which: 2 overseas bonds, amounting to S$600 million and US$300 million, respectively; 23 domestic bonds (including deposit of Huarong Xiangjiang Bank), amounting to RMB18.866 billion in total. At present, the shareholding structure and management system of the Company remain unchanged, all operations are carried out normally with sufficient reserves, and proper arrangements and preparations of reserves have been made for the payment of maturing bonds in the future.

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