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China Huarong Included in Hang Seng China

Enterprises Index


  Hong Kong's stock index compiler the Hang Seng Indexes Company announced on May 4,2018, that it decided to add China Huarong to the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index(HSCEI)and Hang Seng China Enterprises Smart Index, after reviewing the Hang Seng Family of Indexes for the quarter ended March 30 this year.

  The change will take effect on June 4. China Huarong once again becomes a component of the benchmark index of the Hong Kong capital market,following its previous inclusion in the Hang Seng Composite LargeCap & MidCap Index.   

  The HSCEI tracks large-cap and most active Chinese mainland enterprises listed in Hong Kong. It is an important index that boasts a comparatively high market value coverage ratio and reflects overall market performance of Hong Kong-listed Chinese mainland enterprises. HSCEI constituents must meet eligibility criteria of the Hang Seng Indexes Company such as market value and turnover, and follow strict selection process. Moreover, the index covers diversified industries and its total number of constituents is fixed at 50.

  China Huarong’s successful inclusion affirms professional institutions’ recognition and assessment of the company’s performance at the stock market, facilitating it to draw extensive attention from high-end investors.   

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