Distressed Asset-based Property Development

Our Business

  Huarong Industrial Investment & Management Co., Ltd (“Huarong Industrial”) focuses on real estate development, which obtains high-quality real estate projects through various distressed asset management activities such as enterprise restructuring, equity investment and receivership. Huarong Industrial also provides asset management, post-investment management, investment consultation services for its real estate projects.


  Huarong Industrial has developed a number of prestigious real estate projects such as ‘Huarong·Hengqin Bay’, ‘Huarong·New Town’,   ‘Huarong·Blue Sea’, ‘Huarong·Mountain View’, ‘Huarong Building’ and ‘Huarong Plaza’, expanding wide geographical areas across the Guangdong -Hong Kong- Macau Greater Bay Area, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Bohai Bay Rim Region, as well as in Central, Southern and South Western China. Huarong Industrial also engages in primary land development project in Zhuozhou, Hebei Province.

Service Platform

  Huarong Industrial Investment & Management Co., Ltd.

  Huarong Industrial Investment & Management Co., Ltd. (“Huarong Industrial”) was formerly known as Huarong Real Estate Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Huarong since 2009. Huarong Industrial is a qualified level II real-estate developer, with multiple functions including asset management, equity investment, real estate development and operation, real estate investment and management, urban infrastructural construction, hotel investment and management, house leasing, enterprise restructuring, post-investment management, industrial investment and investment consultation, etc. Bolstered by the brand name and platform capabilities of China Huarong , Huarong Industrial has established a development model that combines real estate development, industrial cooperation and financial services, which manages and disposes non-performing assets through real estate development that resolves financial risks and boosts asset value.

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